V. Scott Holmgren

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V. Scott Holmgren
V. Scott Holmgren


V. Scott Holmgren


V. Scott Holmgren


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Lansing, MI USA
Spouse/Partner Theresa
Homepage www.innovativelanddesign.com
Occupation Landscape Architect-Urban planner/designer-Architecte -
Children None

Gee, looking forward to this...

Scott has his own design firm (Innovative Land Design) and has worked at the University of Minnesota in Campus Development, the cities of St. Peter and St. Paul, and the State of Minnesota Environmental Quality Board and State Planning Agency.
His education includes landscape architecture, civil engineering, and land surveying along with Urban Planning, Urban Design Economic Development, Architecture and Real Estate Development.
Scott has taught at private and public universities and has been involved in planning, design and development. His client base includes several communities, organizations and corporations including Ford Motor Company, Big Boy Restaurants, Comfort Inn Hotels and the City of Detroit where he received the ‘Innovation Program Award’. He currently teaches at both Michigan State University (MSU) and Lawrence Technological University (LTU). His interests include providing for housing needs through Habitat for Humanity major efforts while addressing sustainability, economic vitality and numerous other related issues

School Story

Oh the pranks we used to play on some of our (poor?) teachers... For instance:

When Mrs. Nelson (our typing teacher) was out we threw the typewriters out the window or made paper airplanes out of the assignments (which also went... (where?) .. out the window too! and in band class in 9th we often skipped class by ducking out the windows at the top of the rehearsal room (in the back)... then there was the time when we hid Bob Elledge's baton which he used for directing us, or the time we goofed up the layout for marching on his board for the half time show, then there was 'Fisher's Film Festivals' (movies in his economics class) where we switched out the films or skipped out, then there was ...? (you get the gist?)

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